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Hi there. I am a computer science student and will always be one as it is such a vast field I will never be out of things to learn. And for that matter I love learning new things. That fancy new thing everyone is talking about - I want to learn that, figure out how it works under the hood and why it does what it does. And I am crazy about efficiency. I love lightweight stuff and don't like when I have to pay for thing which I don't really want. You will get a lot of such examples from my blog posts.



Really love the power the language gives in the hands of developers. Have kept myself updated with the latest additions to the standard (C++17 and 20) and the Coding guidelines as presented by the community. Have some experience in writing large applications in C++ thanks to Google Summer of Code.


Again, love the power the OS gives in the hands of its users. I can do anything I want with it. Also closely aligns with my ideology of not paying for things I do not want. Have a lot of experience using the system and inner workings of it. Have some kernel level experience (again thanks to Google Summer of Code) but not a ton.

Python, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Clubbed them together into one as for me they go hand in hand. I learnt Python because I wanted to do Machine Learning and Python empowered me with the tools. Developed deep learning models using Keras and Tensorflow mostly, but have worked with Pytorch as well (but again not a lot).

Web technologies

Have good amount of experience both front-end and back-end. Kept myself updated about what's new to offer in the web platform. Have done crowd source work with React apps and Web Components on Topcoder and got the changes merged into the main site. Have developed multiple websites for college events (full stack): [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]


Have done a ton of non-relational database handling thanks to the web projects and their back-end needs. Fairly proficient in relational databases and how they work under the hood for providing the features they provide - Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability.


Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Martial Hebert

Summer 2018

Visual Object Tracking using Optical Flow as input to a CNN. Robotics Institute Summer Scholars (RISS) 2018

Google Summer of Code 2017

Haiku Inc.

Summer 2017

3D Hardware Accelerated Graphics Drivers for HaikuOS.

Defence Research and Development Organisation of India

Prof. Chandan Mazumdar

Undergraduate Development Work

PolComp: a tool for analysing log records to detect compliance of policies and hence security breaches using Natural Language Processing for The Defence Research and Development Organisation of India (DRDO)

Jadavpur University

Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Saha

Undergraduate Research Work

Image Captioning using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Jadavpur University

Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Saha

Undergraduate Research Work

Visual Odometry using Neural Networks to perform real time path estimation.


Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering

Jadavpur University


CGPA: 8.6/10

Higher Secondary Education

D.A.V Model School, Durgapur, India


Percentage marks: 93%

Secondary Education

St. Xavier's School, Durgapur, India


Percentage marks: 94%